"Olivia" Oval Moissanite Lab Grown Diamond Ring
"Olivia" Oval Moissanite Lab Grown Diamond Ring

"Olivia" Oval Moissanite Lab Grown Diamond Ring

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" Olivia" Made to Order Oval cut Ring  Moissanite Lab Diamond Stone in White Gold Vermeil settings no certificate.


* 14x10mm 10ct.Oval cut with pear cut side stone design Moissanite Lab Grown Diamond. Available in Color Pink. White, Yellow, Violet, and Blue.



What is Gold Vermeil?.. Metal is pure sterling silver 9.25 based, coated 6 layers thick pure 21k White Gold/Platinum. Pure 9.25 silver is next to gold value. Only needs to clean toothpaste or baking soda, vinegar to make it whiter and shining..But we coated already 21K pure white gold to protect the metal inside ..So no need to clean already. It is forever metal  If wears off the coated white gold outer surface maybe years of using it ..if carefully used, maybe won't fade anymore. If ever wears off just clean it and will be back to its shining and whiter color.

The Moissanite Stones more Sparkly, Shining and Brilliance are excellent superb.

"PRECIOUS STONE", The Quality, Cut, Brightness, and Clarity so Excellent. Look Amazing, so Beautiful, and Shines that  Irresistible to the Eyes. 8x10mm 4ct crystal clear blue moissanite lab-grown diamond, no certificate.


Note:  Made to Order Production Time- 12 to 15 days

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