W/H Moissanite Diamond Ring

W/H Moissanite Diamond Ring

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W/H Moissanite Diamond Ring

Moissanite Diamond 1ct/2ct. 

With GRA Certificate

Letter on the side W and H with premium signaing stones

What is a Moissanite Diamond Stone?

Moissanite is a gemstone originally discovered in a meteor crater but moissanite is not a fake diamond and shouldn't be thought of as one. It's a beautiful gemstone in its own right. Because of how much moissanite looks like a diamond. The Shine and Sparkle can compete more to mined Diamond stone. It has become the most popular diamond alternative, it is cost-effective and durable. The second hardest stone next to mined Diamond and suitable for everyday wear! A very affordable price of Moissanite stones will last you a lifetime while budget saving 👌🏻💎

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